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Creating Amazing, Designing Intriguing, Delivering Exceptional. At Branding Projex we have created the Bespoke Marketing and Creative agency unlike ever before seen.


Delivering a memorable experience for your audience, while staying on time and under budget is our top priority

We created this Team after seeing our business owner friends get taken to the cleaners time after time from big national exhibit houses and marketing agencies. No longer could we stand by and see exhuberant amounts of their companies budgets just get thrown in the dumpster at the end of each event.  Creating a sustainable marketing and tradeshow asset is a fine art, and we pride ourselves on delivering that for our clients.

For a hundred years companies have seen tradeshows as a great tool to reach large amounts of their audience on a single day or weekend. Taking those numbers into account they would budget a certain amount to create displays or demonstrations to show off their latest gizmos or gadgets. After the event whatever was possibly still useable throw in the trunk and pitch the rest in the dumpster.

Fast forward to today some brands will send truck loads of materials and assets to junk because of lack of storage, usage time limits or even just because they can.  At Branding Projex we would love to build things once, and make them last as long as possible for the brand or clients. Not only to save money but to just simply not be wasteful.

Designing and building a useful set of tools for your Sales or Marketing staff to engage with potential customers at various events , indoor, outdoor is our specialty. We are passionate about creating unique, innovative and sustainable ways to get your point across the table.

From Double Decker Shipping containers to LED lite backdrops we can provide you solutions for your Trade marketing , Retail and Experiential event needs. Welcoming the crazy, exploding the not doable , and delivering the “Are you insane ?

When another Agency tells you its not able to be done, we will strive to make your dream come true.  Our company was built on doing the impossible, and making it look simple. We build for our families future , We deliver for your brands future.  Bespoke Marketing and Events like never seen before.

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